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Profit And Loss Short Tricks

In the examination conducted by various recruitment we find this type of question that will be asked in chapter of profit and loss. These type of question are time consuming but we have to manage our time in the examination hall.
We are going to solve this various type question on profit and loss with short tricks.
with short tricks you can solve these question simple within seconds.
These are the example taken from r.s. agarwal author quantitative aptitude by s. chand publisher

Type 1:- The ratio of the cost price and the selling price is 4:5. The profit percent is?
a.        10
b.        20
c.         25
d.        30

Ans:- 25
 profit is always calculated on cost price
so,  c.p=4 , s.p=5
      Profit=s.p-c.p,  5-4=1
  profit %=
 profit/cost price * 100, then, 1/4*100= 25

Type 2:- If on selling 12 notebooks a seller makes a profit equal to selling price of 4 notebook, what is his profits percentage?
a.        16.2/3
b.        25
c.         50
d.        None of these


 if there is profit on selling item = selling price of an article
        To find profit %, simply minus 12 from 4= 8
Profit % = 4/8*100=50

Type 3:- A vender loses the selling price of 4 oranges on selling 36 oranges his loss percentage is?
a.        10
b.        11.1/9
c.         12.1/2
d.        None of these

  if there is loss on selling item = selling price of an article
            to find loss%, simply add 36 to 4 = 40

  Loss % = 4/40*100 = 10

Type 4:- Some article were brought of 6 for rs. 5. And sold  at 5 for rs. 6. Gain percentage is/
a.        30
b.        33.1/3
c.         35
d.        44


Type 5:- A vender by selling 12 toffee for a rupee. A man loses 20%. How many for a rupee should he sell to get a gain of 20%?
a.        10
b.        20
c.         8
d.        12

Ans:- 8
12 toffee for rs 1 loss 20% then
          c.p = 1*100/80 = 5/4 
   on this price we have to gain profit of 20%

          So, 5/4* 120/100 = 3/2
         If for Rs. 2/3 we have 12 toffee then for rs 1 we have
        = 12x2/3=8

Type 6:- A sell a bicycle of to B at a profit of 20%. B sell it to C at profit of 25%. If C pays rs. 225 for it the cost price of bicycle is?
a.        110
b.        120
c.         125
d.        150

Ans:- 150
 let cost price be X then,
 . 125/100= 225 ,
by solving, then X equal to 150

Type 7:- A shopkeeper professes to sell his goods at cost price but uses a weight of 800gm instead of 1kg. thus he makes a profit of?
a.        20%
b.        16.2/3
c.         25
d.        50

Ans :- 25

Type 8 :- A shopkeeper cheats to the extents of 10% while buying as well as selling by using false weight his total gain is ?
a.        10%
b.        11%
c.         20%
d.        21%

Ans :-21%

Type 9 :- An article when sold at a gain of 5% yields rs. 15 more than when sold at a loss of 5%. Its cost price would be
a.        150
b.        200
c.         250
d.        300

difference between gain % and loss% equal to 10%
            then, 10% = rs. 15
        100% = rs. 150 , that is your cost price

Type 10:- The price of an article has been reduced by 25%. In order to restore the original price the reduced price must be increased by?
a.        25%
b.        30%
c.         33%
d.        33.1/3%

Type 11:- An article was sold at 16% gain. Had it been sold for rs. 200 more, the gain would have been 20% then the cost price of the article is?
a.        5000
b.        4800
c.         4500
d.        5200
Ans :- 5000

difference in gain % equal to 200,
        Then  20%-16%=4%
               4%= 200 then,
        100%= 5000 that is your cost price of the article



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